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My mission is to give help and hope to people who are seeking freedom from addictions and negative patterns of behaviour.

Individual and group counselling services are provided to those who are living with:

  • Alcoholism / Drug Addiction: Counselling can help clients to choose new, life-affirming behaviours that will enable them to live happier lives.
  • Codependency: Through the counselling process, clients learn how to stop their caretaking behaviours and begin to appropriately take care of themselves.
  • Compulsive Shopping: Counselling enables the client to abstain from  repetitive behaviours that create shame and debt.
  • Anxiety/Depression: Counselling encourages clients to challenge their negative beliefs, which in turn helps them to change their self-defeating feelings and behaviours
  • Weight Preoccupation / Compulsive Eating: Counselling helps clients to become more self-accepting, and facilitates abstinence from destructive behaviours.
  • Relationship Problems: The counselling process helps clients to identify their blocks to experiencing the love and intimacy that they desire.
  • Nicotine Dependency: Through the help of counselling, individuals learn how to live successfully without needing to smoke.
  • Compulsive Gambling: Counselling helps clients  to cope with their powerfull urges to gamble despite the negative consequences that they have experienced.